Friday, June 29, 2012

5/14/2012 - 5/20/2012

Relocations and In Take
Julie, The Tiny Torti
(See Pictures Below)

RELOCATIONS and In Take:  13 out and 8 in – numbers going the right way! 

3          Workshop in Cooper
3          Barn in Abilene
2          Adoption group
3          Workshop in Savoy
2          Shed in Pottsboro

Julie, The Tiny Torti:  Barn Cat “Julie” passed away overnight on Monday. She was such a tiny thing! She and Bentley (the Chunky Monkey) came from Pottsboro to Barn Cats on 8/22/09 passing through the Sherman Shelter.  

A Grayson County Court Clerk called me on a Monday morning on my cell while I was waiting for a flight from DFW going to a work assignment in another state. He said a judge had just awarded us nine cats from a hoarder in Pottsboro – Well thanks! A volunteer went Wednesday and picked them up in Sherman. She took them to All Care. All turned out to be friendly and were traded to adoption groups. They came from a mess – dark house with no litter boxes and a smell that could kill!  Julie and Chunky were too old to be adopted out…”older that dirt” they said at the clinic. SO – no adoption group would take them. Both became “permanent” barn cats living with my personal cats in the family room, sunroom, kitchen and dining room. Chunky always played with Jimmy from New Orleans. Julie kept to herself. She was so cute – tiny tortishell body with only a 2” tail. Chunky had absolutely NO TAIL – rounded butt. When she first arrived, All Care could not tell if she was spayed or not…so we agreed on the “wait and see” method. Two months later at 5 AM on a Monday morning, she went into heat in my bedroom. I was leaving town but needed to get that howling cat off to be spayed. Walter, the limo driver, dropped her off at All Care after leaving me at the airport. I picked her up that Thursday and she had lived here since then…almost 3 years.   

RIP, little Julie!     

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.  See you next week!           Peg

“Oliver” at his new barn home in Decatur.     

 “Bomber” relaxing in Pottsboro.

“Mona” and “Bomber” in Pottboro.


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