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Blog 05/26/14 to 06/08/14 --  TWO WEEKS

            Barn Cat Bash, June 1stDONE!
     73 Attendees 
     Great Food and Great Auction!

Relocations and In Take (05/26/14-06/01/14) (06/02-08/14)
Our Cats after Release
In Memory of Jingles
Bad Calls/Emails:   Cat in a Trap over Memorial Holiday
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  URI – When does it end? 
OMG (Oh My God):  Tape Worms EVERYWHERE!
Barn Cat Bash Auction Update:  Event Photos
Relocations & In Take (05/26/14-06/01/14): Placed 2 this week (worked on auction) with intake at 5.     
1                    TNR in Honey Grove
1              TNR in Wills Point

Relocations and In Take (06/02-08/14):   Placed 12 this week (back on track) with intake at 12.
2              Barn in McKinney (Routy, Squeaky)
2          Barn in Argyle (Brittany, Moonflower)
6          Barn in Whitesboro (Roger, Molly, Buddy, Shelly, Carmel, Rusty)
1          TNR in Denton
1          Bonham Rescue

May Closeout:  We placed 54 in May in 10 North Texas counties which is about AVERAGE for May over our 12 year history:                 
Bosque            Denton                Ellis                Hood            Rockall
Collin               Dallas                 Grayson          Hunt             Tarrant

Our Cats after Release:  Picked up equipment in 7 locations this week.        
1.      Tolar:  Brandy, Bebe, and Bubba went to this barn.  They are being allusive but the food is disappearing. 
2.      Morgan:  Puppy and Rocky went to this residential living facility in Morgan.  Puppy took off the moment the cage was opened but Rocks is still there living the good life.  I saw him but did not get a picture.  One of the other cats we had previous placed here was in a classroom (air conditioned – not stupid!) sleeping in a basket….Bandit.         

3.      Justin:    Bradson and Blossom are still hanging out in Justin.  Bradson got into a scuffle with the family dog and ended up with a broken leg.  He is now “resting/healing” in one of our sections of caging in side with the air-conditioning and TV.  Blossom is still outside and seems to be looking for her buddy, Bradson.  It will be another week or two for his healing.                                                                                                                                                         
 4.      Southlake:  Henry is “living the good life” with his own apartment under the back deck.  The owner says he always to be petted when any member of the family is outside.  AND…he is doing his job…killing nasty rodents and snakes. 
5.      Midlothian:  Cuddles and Mouse were placed in the storage shed/barn area on the northern side of Midlothian.  They are doing well but would not come out to visit with me.  Cuddles will let the owner pet him…geez…he would not let that happen here!   He must be satisfied with his new digs. 
6.      Commerce:  Addison and Edgar went to live near Texas A&M University – Commerce.  I saw Addison but not Edgar.  He was lounging near the garage and even got into the Barn Cat truck during the pack up.   

7.      Greenville:  Billy, Fluffy, Blackie, and Angel went to this garage north of Greenville.  The owner had not seen them so put up a camera to “catch them in the act”.  All 4 are still around and probably living in the attic – well, that is where the mice are!  GO FIGURE! 
In Memory of Jingles:  In the Fall of 2013, a rescuer trapped a large, beautiful Siamese in an abandoned apartment complex in Dallas.  Jingles was a sweet heart and did deserved a safe, indoor home.  BUT – most adoption groups will not take an FIV+ cat.  Siamese Rescue had a room of FIV+ cats but there was no opening.  I waited and waited but nothing ever came available.  In the mean time, Jingles was in my guest room with Cindy and Larry and everything was going well.  He started sneezing about a week ago.  I packed him up and went off to the vet for a Convenia shot.  WELL – Dr. Patty noticed that he was “yellow” – NOT GOOD – indicates a liver problem.  We did a sonogram that really did not show anything conclusive so we decided to put in a feeding tube and just work with it.  He never really recovered from the anesthesia to put in the tube.  He passed away at the vet clinic on Wednesday evening.  OH NO!  I have never lost one to liver disease – he was such a sweetheart.  Jingles – we will all miss you at Barn Cats!  RIP 

Bad Calls/EMAILS:  Cat in a Trap over Memorial Holiday
The workers at a local addiction recovery center set a trap to catch a raccoon on the Friday of the Memorial holiday weekend.  They returned on Tuesday but no one checked the trap.  On Wednesday they checked the trap in THERE WAS A CAT IN IT!   No one knows how long the cat had been in the trap (1 day or 5 days) without food or water but there she was!  This was the week before our auction and I really did not want to do any intake.  However, the cat was in the trap with nowhere to go.    I took in “Boots”, a small gray kitty and made an appointment the next day for testing, spay or neuter, and shots.  WELL – Boots is a girl and WAS PREGNANT!  (….of course)  Oh well – this is what we do.  She is in a cage and I will find her as safe a barn home as I can. 
BMG:  URI – When does it end?
Every Spring and every Fall we have an outbreak of URI – Upper Respiratory Infection.  It is spread via air so it is hard to contain.  We have treated many, many cats for this over the past month or two.  I AM TIRED OF IT!   GO AWAY!  They bring it usually from a shelter but this year, it is coming from cats in the wild, too.  We cannot win this season! 

Heather began to clean a cage yesterday that housed “Cheshire”, a young neutered male cat.  There was “something strange” in the cage.  I scooped up the mass and took it to All Care.  I thought it was round worms but it was TAPE WORMS.  But, this is the good news because it can be treated with a shot.  I returned home, picked up the cat, and took him for the shot.  This infestation is SO BAD that he is now throwing up dead tape worms!  It is really gross!  I have only seen a condition this bad only one other time in my 25 years of cat rescue.  How bad has this cat been feeling?  He will be better soon.      

Barn Cat Bash Auction:  Event Photos
It is OVER for another year…this was Bash #6.  We had 73 attendees who enjoyed great food, great service, great wine, and of course a great auction!  Thanks to Bistecca for another great event…we love you!     

   “Thanks” for following the Barn Cats blog.  See you next week!   Peg

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