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Blog 11/27/16 to 12/04/16

Our Cats after Release
November Closeout
Calls/Emails:  Barn on I-35
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan:  Adoptable Sick Kittens – UPDATE!
OMG (Oh My God):  Cat House in Kemp

Relocations and In Take:   I placed 22 this week….WOW!  …I am tired! 
3          Adoption Group (Peter, Paul, Mary)
2          Barn in McKinney (Jimmy, Johnny)
3          Workshop in Corinth (Zora, Gil, Crash)
3          Barn in Argyle (Hillman, Eliza, Katana)
3          Barn in Princeton (Ricky, Gidget, Opal)
2          Cat House in Kemp (Sarah, Sally)
3          Barn in Velley View (Linda, Lucy, Cindy)
3          Barn in Sanger/Justin (Apple, Asparagus, Sonny)

Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Valley View:  Chloe, Trixie, Abby, Spencer, Tina, and Cody all went to this ranch in Valley View.  They are hanging out in an office/apartment in the barn area and hiding out in cabinets.  I saw one sitting in the bathroom sink…but I had forgotten my phone…so no pictures…bummer!   
2.     Argyle:  Mama and Charlie went to this horse rescue barn in Argyle.  Both are around and the manager has seen them almost every day.  Mama is a gray calico and he really likes her coloring. 
3.     Celeste:  Chip went to be a friend for Buddy in this garage in Celeste.  Got pictures of both of them.  Chip has more white on him. 

November Closeout:  I placed 64 in November in 6 North Texas counties.
            Collin              Dallas              Hunt
            Cooke              Denton            Kaufman

Calls/Emails:  Barn on I-35
I had a request to put cats in an address that was on the I-35 access road.  I was hoping that it was WAY OFF THE ROAD but I was sadly mistaken.  There was one barn that closed up and another that did not.  BUT – both were right next to I-35.  This is not a safe place for our cats, so I did not leave them.  I was headed next to Valley View to pick up equipment so I asked the ranch manager if he would consider taking additional cats – AND HE DID!  GREAT!  THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!     

BMG:   Adoptable Sick Kittens – UPDATE!
When I picked up equipment in Celina, there were 3 4-month old kittens that some un-caring person had discarded at the barn.  2 had eye infections and all 3 were sneezing.  WELL – I could not leave them.  I got back to All Care just 15 minutes before they closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Dr. Greg gave them a look-see, Convenia shots, and eye meds.  All are doing well.  I need to get them tested, spayed/neutered, and shots this week.  THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE and hope they all test negative! 
UPDATE:  Named them Peter, Paul and Mary.  All three were sterilized, tested, and got shots this week.  Then I traded them to an adoption group and now all three will get safe indoor homes.  What nice babies!  Glad I rescued them in Celina.
UPDATE:  First day at Petco, Peter got adopted.  The family had recently lost their cat of 18 years, went to Petco and “fell in love” with Peter.  I thought it would be Paul that would get adopted first…I WAS WRONG.  Way to go, Peter!      

OMG:  Cat House in Kemp
The location in Kemp have built a cat house for Sarah and Sally.  I left a feeder/waterer and the cat carrier to get them acclimated.  The cats will be released when it stops raining.  This is a picture with the top up.  There is a corrugated metal roof on it.

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.          Peg

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