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SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Caught 34 Rats this Year
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Email with No Phone Number

Relocations:   I placed 10 this week. 
            2          Garage in Aubrey (Santos, Holiday)
            4          Garage in Aubrey (Trinity, Shimmy, Jamie, Dottie June)
            2          Garage in Cedar Hill (Ella, Wanton)
            2          Adoption Group (K.C., Lily)   
Our Cats after Release: 
1.     Burkburnett:  Placed Morgan and Mama in this workshop.  They are both “hiding” in the area but are doing great.
2.     Wichita Falls:  June and Dakota were placed in this backyard.  June has moved across the street to another member of the same family and Dakota is now IN THE HOUSE!  YES – check it out: 

3.     Valley View:  Placed Ophelia, Stripes, and Tara in this workshop.  Due to the rain, they have let them out of the caging but are keeping them in the workshop until the ground dries out.  I think that is a good plan for sure. 
4.     Keller:  Echo and Andrew went to this workshop/shed in the backyard.  They are seeing one cat regularly and the other one occasionally.  Glad they are handing around.
5.     Forney:  Korbin and Trish went to this barn in Forney.  Korbin has moved to the neighbor’s barn (guess the food is better) but Trish is still there.   All Good!

Calls/Emails:   Caught 34 Rats this Year
Just talked to a lady who lives in an older neighborhood in the Dallas area.  They have caught 34 rats since January!  OUCH!  Neighbors had cats who used to hang out in their yard but them moved and took the cats.  Now the rodents are TAKING OVER!  I hope they decide to take a couple.  I could get them set up this week and end this rat problem.   We shall see!     
BMG:   Email with No Phone Number
People send emails all the time.  Some are “need help right away” – sounds like an emergency but there is NO PHONE NUMBER!   Seems like they would include a phone number if they really need help NOW.  The other thing is that they don’t say what city they are in.  I get call from all over the country – this week:  California, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida.  I try to help cause some things are the same across the country but I still need to know where they are calling from….oh well!     

First it was temperatures over 100 degrees…cannot place cats.  Now it is rain and MUD issues.  I placed those 8 cats in Aubrey and Cedar Hill last Monday when it was raining but garages are easy to get to and usually with NO MUD!   Barns, not so much!   Hope it all dries out soon but the weather prediction is for more rain this week.  I cannot seem to win…

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg                                                                    

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