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Barn Cats BLOG 8/4/19

Blog 07/29/19 to 08/04/19


MCCC – Mid-Cities Community Cats
DCL – Dallas Cat Lady
PCFCC – Panther City Feral Cat Coalition
FF – Feral Friends
TTR – Tall Tails Rescue
GP – Garland Pawsibilities

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:  Feral Friends Barn in Sanger
OMG:  Property Location in Oklahoma
BMG:  Finally Getting Some Barns   

Relocations:  Got several people out on vacation so no barns this week that I know of.

Our Cats after Release:   
1.     Ivanhoe:  I placed 3 from the Bonham shelter at this location.  Braveheart got them out of the shelter for Barn Cats, Inc.  The big black boy turned out to be friendly, is now at the home of the ranch manager and is sleeping with him each night.  WOW!  The other two are more feral and are living on top of the tack room.  That is a safe place – so all good in Ivanhoe!
2.     Frisco:  Steve and Sally went to this backyard.  I moved them from the cage to a small storage building that has windows.  Sally has not ventured out that they know of but Steve is “out and about”.       

Calls/Emails:  Feral Friends Barn in Sanger
One of the Facebook contacts they got was from a large property in Sanger.  They do not want to travel that far, so they sent it to me.  I texted and called the lady – but no response…until… They are on vacation in California and will get back to me on their return.  I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!! 
OMG:   Property Location in Oklahoma
Received a call from a large farm/ranch just over the Red River.  The lady was having hip replacement so ask me to call her the end of the month.  I did – but – she got an infection in that hip and it still has now been replaced because the infection needs to be cleared up first.  GEEZ!  I had never heard of this before.  She had a trip to the emergency room, various IV’s put in and is still being treated.   BUT – she still wants the 6 cats.   I hope to get equipment up there soon even if we take the cats later.    

BMG:  Finally Getting Some Barns
Had one email on Friday in Dallas and one on Saturday in Copper Canyon.  Contacted DCL to get both locations cats.  The Oklahoma location will be getting 6 – 4 from PCFCC and 2 from Garland.  I need to get all of the equipment for those relocation out of my house so I can begin to clean up.   Messy!      
TRANSITION UPDATE:   I was holding some caging for a Dallas location that wanted to safe some cats from a house that was being demolished next door to them.   They have not called me back…???   If I do not hear from them, I will just give those cages to Animal Allies for their adopt-a-pet events when I sell the vehicle to them.  At least there is a plan.             

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg  

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