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Blog 07/02/18 to 07/08/18

Seeking someone to take over Barn Cats, Inc.:  I would like to officially retire as Executive Director in 2019.  I can retain the fundraising pieces but would like to stop the relocations, equipment pickups, phone calls, and emails…the day-to-day stuff.  I will be available for consultation.  If interested call or email Barn Cats…972-315-2875

Our Cats after Release
Calls/Emails:   Stables near Dallas
BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan):  Slow Talkers
OMG (Oh My God):  Snakes in Weatherford  

Relocations:   I placed 10 this week.                
2          Workshop in Pilot Point (Licorice, Kit-Kat)
3          Barn in Rowlett (Skylar, Tuxy, Roxy)
2          Workshop in Celina (Meredith, Fred)
3          Garage in Paradise (Ms. Gray, Cray, Tinker)

Our Cats after Release: 
1.     McKinney:  Lindsey, Cypress, and Avery went to this goat barn.  One is see each day and the other two every day or two.  THAT IS OK WITH ME!  
2.     Colleyville:  Bernadette and Jordan went to this chicken coup in the barn.  Both are still around and the property owner has found 4 DEAD RATS!  The girls are working! 
3.     Flower Mound:  Lucy and Dottie went to the barn behind the family home.  They are still around but THEY HAVE GONE TO THE NEIGHBORS – food must be better!  They are trying to get them back.  If it works, great!   If not, I may get a chance to place additional cats there.  Either way is good and the cats are fine!
4.     Celina:  Mr. Gray, Gigi, and Ember went to this workshop area.  Mr. Gray and Gigi have not been seen since their release (but there are other homes close by).  Ember was still there and asleep in his carrier when I arrived.  The good news is that the family wanted two additional cats so Ember will have “friends”.  I think Meredith and Fred will work out great for them.   

Calls/Emails:   Stables near Dallas
I put two cats in this horse boarding stable 6 or 8 months ago.  WELL – THEY ARE NOW IN THEIR HOUSE!   HA HA!  I train them to do that.  BUT – when the owner called wanting more cats for the barn, I recommended she contact that group in her area that is doing barning.  She got 2 cats from them several months ago but they did not stay around.  However, their EQUIPMENT IS STILL THERE – they never picked it up.  WHAT?  That is rude and not respectful of that barn owner’s property.  The owner has even contacted them and still that stuff is in the barn.  OH WELL!  
BMG:   Slow Talkers
I get so frustrated with people who talk slowly.  JUST SPIT IT OUT!  Often times we might be on a bad connection if we are using cell phones at each end…but…still – just tell me what you need and we can work out a solution.  Talking slowly usually does not help – IT IRRITATES! 

OMG:  Snakes in Weatherford
Received a call from a lady wanting cats in the Weatherford area.  I recommended she speak to Weatherford Animal Services because they have a Barn Cat Program.  WELL – they gave her my number because they are OUT OF CATS.  It appears that there is a Copperhead problem in Weatherford and everybody is getting outdoor cats.  If you recall I put 2 outdoor cats in Haslet in a very nice subdivision because the homeowners found a Copperhead in their house!   SO – everyone out there – the snakes are just looking for rodents to eat – GET CATS!   
Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog.            Peg                                                                    

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