Monday, October 17, 2011

August 15, 2011 - August 21, 2011

July Update with 2011 Totals
Our new vehicle!

RELOCATIONS: We placed a total of 52 in July. That gives us a yearly total of 330 for the year.

Part of that number is the vet work we did on cats from a Persian breeder who was keeping the cats in cages in her HOT garage and no longer breeding them. They are living with a rescuer in Garland now.

It is still too hot for relocations. We are just maintaining the in-house cats and doing some trading as requests come in. We have 3 going to the SPCA and one to Coppell Humane Society next week.

We still have 1 kitten and 3 adults in house from the Valley View Hoarder. One mama “Opal” and the kitten “Elsa” will go to the SPCA on Monday along with a young adult from Leonard, TX, “Peaches”. I hope Coppell Humane will be interested in one of the other moms and the other mom is feral. All have tested negative which is such a relief.

Ford Transit Connect: There is no way to describe how great it is to have a working Barn Cat vehicle once again. “TC” is a terrific addition to the Barn Cat family. I just made the first of “many” payments this week but that is the way it goes. We will be getting new magnetic signs for the vehicle next week.

I am now back from vacation and glad to be “back in the saddle”. Three weeks is a long time to be gone. Unfortunately, I had to have 2 of my personal cats put to sleep on Friday due to on-going health concerns that intensified while I was out of town. “Ian” was 9 and “Clyde” was 13. They were best buds. We will all miss them…but it was the best thing to do. I hope they will be reincarnated together in the same litter of kittens.

Stay Cool! Peg

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