Monday, October 17, 2011

August 22, 2011 - August 28, 2011

Hot – Hot – Hot!

RELOCATIONS: We still cannot relocate any cats but managed to do some trading:

5 Picked up mom and 4 kittens in Seagoville.

The family moved out and abandoned them. Kitty Save took them on Friday afternoon.
1 Traded a cat from Flower Mound Animal Services to the Coppell Humane Society. Noah is a GIANT black/white cat with a white tip at the end of his tail…beautiful boy. Glad he will get a safe indoor home.
3 Traded 3 for 1 to the SPCA in Downtown Dallas. YEAH! This was a mama “Opal” from the Valley View hoarder and the LAST of the 26 kittens “Elsa” – a cute tabby girl who had been fostered by Nancy. After “Elsa” was spay, both went immediately to their adopt-a-pet center at PetsMart. “Peaches” came from a hoarder in Leonard, TX and she was the third to go to the SPCA.

It is only 108 today – OUCH! I got two barn calls this week and added them to the list. We currently have over 30 cats waiting for placement – waiting for the weather to change. This cannot last forever.

Hope to get a cat place with the Kitty Save “Seniors for Seniors” program on Monday. Keep your paws crossed this works out. We have several senior cats in house.

Stay Cool! Peg

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