Monday, October 17, 2011

June 26, 2011 - July 3, 2011

Relocations plus Totals for Year-To-Date
Update: MANY KITTENS from Valley View
Midnight: Poor Injured Kitty

I have returned from vacation. I took a trip to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize to visit Mayan ruins. It was a wonderful trip but strenuous…lots of hikes and climbing. I may have to wait for the Disney tram to come by next time!

RELOCATIONS: We placed a total of 19 this week:
3 to McKinney
4 to Wills Point
1 passed away (see story below)
6 to McKinney
2 to Colleyville
3 to Waxahachie

Thursday was the last day of the month. The total for June was 48 for a year-to-date total of 279. That is over our 2010 numbers for the same time of 238.

MANY KITTENS: We are still nursing 17 kittens. Plus the guy in Valley View still has 7 or 8 more. His Rottweiler killed one of the adult males last week….geez! He has still not gotten any of the others either in a trap or a carrier. My offer is still open but I will admit I am running out of patience. One mom here has been separated so her milk can dry up and two have now been sterilized. That leaves only one mom currently nursing. We decided to leave her with one kitten who is puny. Two in a cage are over 2 lbs but there is a 3rd one in there that has not reached that weight yet – but she is close! Man – they have a lot of energy…run, jump, pounce.It reminds me why I prefer adults!

Midnight: I received a phone call from a lady in Dallas on Thursday evening about 7 pm. She needed help with a cat that had probably been hit by a car. I got her address, looked it up on Mapquest, and took off for east of Walnut Hill and I-75. The cat was lying on her porch and had been there since Wednesday….poor thing! It was so hot that day. I gathered him up into a carrier and headed for the Emergency Pet Clinic in Carrollton. They stabilized him for over-night so All Care could evaluate and treat him on Friday. Well, he had extensive internal damage (lots of blood in his urine) plus nerve damage to where he could not urinate on his own. He passed away during treatment on Friday. At least he was safe over night at my house and did not suffer after the emergency clinic gave him some pain-killers. He was an in-tact male that someone probably moved off and left behind. Rest peacefully, Midnight!

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