Monday, October 17, 2011

October 3, 2011 - October 9, 2011

Relocations – Another Frustrating Week!
Blessing of the Animals
Feral Friends Auction

RELOCATIONS: Not much to update this week….5 placed.

2 Barn in Hickory Creek
2 Barn in Corinth
1 Adopted

Blessing of the Animals: Nancy and I went to The Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Dallas on Greenville for St. Francis Day. They invited folks to bring their pets for the traditional blessing. It brought back memories of the two times I have been in New York City for the celebration at St. John the Divine Episcopal Cathedral. They do the Paul Winter “Missa Gaia” (Mass for the Earth) and invite folks to bring their animals to the service. The processional is led by a full-size elephant followed by a giant snake (can do without the snake). This Dallas event was memorable because one of the female priests was dressed as St. Francis (brown robe, monk-looking wig, and a beard drawn on her face). That is the first time I have actually been to a Blessing of the Animals WITH St. Francis!

Finding Barns: Got a call from Graham this week AND her friends may want some cats. I hope this one comes through this week – it would be great. We have equipment to pick up in Van Alstyne and Pottsboro, too…the whole other direction from Graham. We have had the new vehicle for less than 3 months but have over 3,000 on it so far.

Feral Friends Auction: This Saturday evening is the Feral Friend Auction Fundraiser. It is always a good time. More info is at


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