Monday, October 17, 2011

August 29, 2011 - September 4, 2011

Relocations & August Totals
Ring Worm – Geez!
Auction for Barn Cats
Waxahachie Animal Abuse Case

RELOCATIONS: This weather is killing us. The August totals are pathetic! 14 – all trades. That makes 344 for the year. We placed only one this week….

1 Senior-for-Seniors Program with Kitty Save – “Becky” - Great place for her. She lost her previous owner who died. Hope it all works out!

Ring Worm: Remember Peaches who went to the SPCA? Well, she was returned now with RING WORM! Here is the good news: She likes the medicine and will eat it all when mixed with canned food. She is so sweet and very social. Glad this is working. The SPCA will take her back when she is clear of the fungus.

Auction for Barn Cats: Nancy and I have been working hard on the up-coming meeting and auction to be held the day after Thanksgiving at 3 pm at my home. We start drinking at 3, have a meeting (sort of), discuss all kinds of cat issues, and then go to dinner at Grotto in Highland Village. Coming to the meeting/auction is FREE (all the wine you can drink) but the dinner is $40. It is open to anyone who loves cats and maybe needs Christmas presents for their cat friends. It is always a great time!

We got all the bid sheets prepared this week and the items sorted and packed. We also took all the prints that need framing to Michael’s to take advantage of their Labor Day specials. Got packets of frames for 2 for 1 – YEAH! Now we need to get pillows for the tapestry pillow covers (Mona Lisa Cat, King Henry the VIII Cat, etc) and make baskets. It feels good to be this far along so early in the process.

Waxahachie Animal Abuse Case: Animal Services in Waxahachie is investigating an abuse case. The woman was taking cats from shelters and giving out a rescue group Paw Pals in Haltom City – They do not know her! Anyone having information should contact Officer Warren Howe in Waxahachie. The main number is 972-937-1802. There were 5 nursing mother cats WITH TIPPED EARS!

Weather is supposed to “break” early next week – Keep your Paws Crossed! Peg

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