Monday, October 17, 2011

October 10, 2011 - October 16, 2011

Relocations – FINALLY!
Feral Friends Auction

RELOCATIONS: Total of 19 this week – finally a week in double digits!

2 Barn in McKinney
1 Porch in Pottsboro
11 Kittens to an Adoption Group
2 Porch in Rowlett
2 Barn in Sasche
1 Barn in Aledo

We picked up “Penny” from Hickory Creek Animal Services just last Thursday. An email came in on Sunday from a barn owner in Aledo. Her 8 year old barn cat had just died…”Queen Anne of the Barn”. She wanted a friendly cat…so…”Penny” went to Aledo on Sunday. They have a big, brown llama for coyote control. Hope “Penny” has at least an 8-year life with them.

Midnight: “Midnight” is a giant black cat that we traded to the SPCA in McKinney over 6 months ago. We saw him in their adoption room each time we went there with the kittens from Valley View. Well – MIDNIGHT GOT ADOPTED IN SEPTEMBER! We are sooooooo happy for him. GOOD LUCK, MIDNIGHT! Live long and prosper!

Feral Friends Auction: The auction was great fun. I got two pieces of jewelry – one with a cat head, of course.

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