Monday, October 24, 2011

Week of 10/17/2011 - 10/23/2011

Litter from Wal-Mart

RELOCATIONS: Total of 12 this week.

3 Barn in Lucus
4 Barn in Gunter
1 Trade to an Adoption Group
3 Shed in Bluff Dale
1 Garage in Flower Mound

A business was moving in the Dallas area. The employees were feeding 7 feral cats that had all been sterilized. They found a barn in Commerce to take all 7 – BUT – never could catch them. I have had caging for them set up in my dining room for a week. At the end of the week they discovered a lady at the other end of the parking lot was feeding the cats – no wonder they would not get into a trap! So, now the cats will stay there – which is always the best deal. Leave them where they are familiar! I hope the barn in Commerce will take some of our cats now.

Litter from Wal-Mart: We drove to Waco on Thursday to get FREE broken bags of litter from the Wal-Mart Return Center. We rented a cargo van so we could get 2 pallets. It was not very fruitful this time. 3 volunteers got scoop-able litter (including one from Animal Allies) and we got our usual clay litter. It will need to last us 3 months and I am not sure we got that much on this run. It is a crap shoot each and every time. We try to go once each quarter.

We have gotten out the winter hidey boxes and the long rugs since it has gotten cooler. At least the garage is organized but everything else seems to be a mess! At least the relocations have picked up.

See you next week…

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