Thursday, April 12, 2012

December 5, 2011 - December 11, 2011

Website Troubles

RELOCATIONS: Only 5 this week.

2 Barn/Garage/Workshop in Princeton
3 To an adoption group

Rhonda got a barn and we placed 2 cats on Friday. He was able to put a heater in there so I was not worried about the cold weather.

The 3 cats transferred to an adoption group came from Ft. Worth. Their owner died last January. The executor just tossed the cats outside to live in the terribly cold weather we had last February and the extremely hot weather we had in August. A sister continued to feed them. These 3 cats slept with the original owner and woke her up when she was having breathing problems. The executor just does not care.

LESSON: When selecting an executor for your will, select someone that is “animal friendly” because your beloved pets could end up at a local KILL animal shelter!

The sister called Barn Cats because the property was being sold. Keep in mind this is now December and the cats have been outside for almost a year! These cats are 6 years old, too! I picked them up as I passed along Hwy 820 in North Ft. Worth. We did a cat swap in a parking lot. I got them into an adoption group that sent them immediately into their PetsMart Adoption program. SO GOOD! Best of luck MooMoo, Radar, and Pretty…you guys deserve a stable, long-term, in-door home.

Website Troubles: Barn Cats started in September of 2003. That December, I contracted with a web designer who put the website together. Now – I am computer savvy but web design is a “different animal”. There were few choices in web hosting sites in 2003. I left that up to the designer to get us a good deal. Well, each year when the renewal is due, this becomes a problem. The web hosting owner does not have any auto-renewal capability AND she does not send out any kind of bill. I got a call on Wednesday last week to PAY BY FRIDAY aaaannnndddd she wanted me to get cash, go to Walgreen’s, purchase a Green Dot Card for the amount owed, scratch off the section on the back and email her the numbers displayed. WHAT? How bazaar for a business to be conducted this way – especially a web-based business! …and that Green Dot Card cost me $4.95, too! Well, I decided to send her 3 months worth and then work to get transferred to a different service. Stayed tuned for the update next week…in…”the continuing saga of the Barn Cats website”.

See you guys next week and thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog. Peg

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