Thursday, April 12, 2012

November 28, 2011 - December 4, 2011

Close out of November
Feral Cat Sightings
Fall Barn Cat Bash

RELOCATIONS: Only 4 this week.

2 Shed in Dallas
2 To an adoption group

The weather has turned cold. What happened to Fall? We went from HOT to COLD with nothing in between. I do not like the cold weather. We have to be sooooooo careful putting a cat in a cage in a cold barn. The folks with the shed in Dallas ran an extension cord and put in a heater to keep them warmer through this cold snap.

November Close Out: We placed a total of 40 for the month. That puts us at a total of 463 placed in 2011. We are only 4 behind the 2010 total or 467 for the same period. HOWEVER, if this cold weather keeps up, it may be a slow December.

Feral Cat Sightings: This week was a pick-up week for dirty equipment when the relocation is completed. Because of Thanksgiving, some of it had been at the barn locations for a week or 2 longer than usual which makes for much dirtier stuff. I went to Commerce on Monday and Joshua, Bluff Dale, and Sidney on Thursday. In Joshua, I got to see 2 of our cats…Alex was in a dog-size crate hiding out but Craig (now Buster) was out and about wanting to be petted. They both looked so good. The third cat, Annie, hangs out in the hay barn so I did not see her. The barn owner says she sees Annie with Alex all the time so I am sure she is still there, too. In Sidney, I saw the black ears of one of the 3 black cats I placed there. He was hiding out on the top shelf of a cabinet just doing his own thing. The Sidney location is on an organic farm – a great match for our all-natural pest control!

Fall Barn Cat Bash: We had an eclectic group of crazy animal people here for a grand total of $5,000 raised for Barn Cats! It was a good day and a terrific dinner at Grotto. The new head of Dallas Animal Services, Jody Jones, was even here. She is new to Dallas but thought getting to Lewisville was like driving to Oklahoma – close but no cigar!

See you guys next week and thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog.


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