Thursday, April 12, 2012

January 30, 2012 to February 5, 2012

Relocations and In Take
January Close Out
Trinity Park Cats in Ft. Worth
Exxon Cats in Louisiana

RELOCATIONS and In Take: We placed 18 this week and took in 19…oops numbers STILL going the wrong way! Thanks to Jeanette L for getting us the 10-cat barn location!

10 Heated Barn in Pilot Point
4 Barn in Waxahachie
2 Barn in Aubrey
2 Barn in Palmer

January Close Out: We had a reasonable January with 20 placed in the following counties:
Dallas Tarrant Johnson Hunt
Denton Colin Wise Ellis
Kaufman Bryan, OK Parker

To compare January’s from previous years…
2011 31
2010 20
2009 84
2008 14
That 84 year was amazing – we moved a full colony from Ft. Worth to Wylie. That is the most cats we ever placed in a month in any year since we started 9 years ago.

Trinity Park Cats: Ft. Worth has been having community meetings to discuss feral cats. This has drawn a lot of attention to feral cat colonies. A colony has survived for 10 years in Trinity Park near the Arboretum and the Arts District. I have personally seen the cats of that colony. They were fed twice a day by dedicated volunteers…until…the media used the site and announced where it was located. About 2 weeks ago – poof – they are all gone…about 20 cats…all spayed and neutered. AND – here is the suspicious part – all their custom-built shelters are missing as well. The city says they know nothing about the disappearance. Feeders of the colony held a fundraiser on Saturday afternoon to post a reward for credible information and also hire a private investigator to see what they can find out about the cats. This is so tragic! They were safe and well-cared-for for 10 years – now this!

Exxon Cats in Louisiana: Exxon has closed down a site along the Intercoastal Waterway in Louisiana. With this, all the people are gone but a bunch of cats were left. Members of the Wild Cat Foundation in Lafayette went to the site (a 2-hour drive each way) and began trapping the cats. Then they get them tested, sterilized, and shots so they can all come to Barn Cats. On Sunday, I drove to Shreveport (3-hour drive) to meet two ladies that drove them north for 3 hours so I can bring them to Texas and find them safe barn homes. I picked up 10 on Sunday. NOW I need many barns to get them placed so the remaining 7 cats can be picked up. What a mess! There are no homes and/or other people to take up the care and feeding of these poor cats. THANKS to the Wild Cat Foundation in Lafayette for taking on this project and getting these poor cats into a better situation.

Thanks for following the Barn Cat Blog. I am working on press releases this week to get us some barn site for cat placements. Keep your paws crossed!


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